Visitor Tickets

€15 Pay Desk
€14 Advance Sale online in our ticket shop
€ 14 in all Raiffeisenbank-branches (10% discount for Raiffeisen customers)

€ 23 Pay Desk
€ 22 Advance Sale online in our Ticketshop

Discounts (€ 2):
For students and members of Argus, Radlobby, ADFC and Club Wien.

Vienna Rad Cross (RAD RACE)

Register via the Ticketshop.

Reduced rates for participants of BWC Vienna and Tweed Ride, Radlobby-discounts

For reduced rates, please enter the code at the end of the ticket booking.

Participants of the BWC Vienna please use the code provided.

Press Tickets

Accreditation via email to
Then redeem your code here.