Berlin-Vienna Ride Solo-Arrival of Michael Strasser

  • 21. October 2016 18:00
  • Marx Halle

Old Story, New Tradition: the Bike Ride from Vienna to Berlin

In 1883, bicycles weighed around 18 kilograms and neither the gear change nor the handlebar as we know them today had been invented yet. There were bumpy gravel roads instead of smooth asphalt roads. Nevertheless, Josef Fischer from Munich took his bike and went on his first long distance ride from Vienna to Berlin. Cycling the route between the two hometowns of the WFS and the BFS took him only 31 hours. A record! – and an old story which is supposed to become a new tradition in the context of the WIENER FAHRRADSCHAU. Fitting the WFS Michael Strasser is riding the 600 kilometres from north to south again for the first time after over 100 years. The other way round, the historic bike ride eventually took place in the context of the BERLINER FAHRRADSCHAU.

This year, Michael already rode from north to south, but from Kairo to Kapstadt. He rode through Africa in a record-braking time of 34.5 days. He’ll present his now book at the WFS and give a lecture as well.

foto credits: chris wisser, craig kolesky (nikon/red bull)