CAIRO-2-CAPE – WORLD RECORD – 34Tage11Stunden10Minuten (Lecture)

  • 22. October 2016 15:00 - 16:00
  • Marx Halle - Cinema

Spring 2016: Adventurer, triathlete and ultra-distance-cyclist Michael Strasser accomplishes the nearly impossible!
Solo, with the support of two friends (Inge Kiselka and Chris Wisser) and a 20 year old Toyota he broke the world record “Cairo – Cape Town” that was previously held by a international pro-cycling team consisting of 5 riders that were supported by 10 soigneurs and multiple busses. He needed to find the fastest ridable way from the Mediterranean to the Cape of Good Hope. More than 10,000 “african” kilometers and nearly 70.000 meters of climbing were to be overcome.

Michael tells us about his long preparations, and how to develop projects that are in essence unplannable. Even before starting the adventure, a lot of of setbacks had to be overcome. And at least after his collapse while riding for a week in africa, the drama of the adventure revealed itself. He tells his story with the help of beautiful images and short videos.