FASTHER ACADEMY Workshop basic bike maintenance

  • 22. October 2016 12:30
    22. October 2016 15:30
    23. October 2016 10:30
    23. October 2016 11:30
  • Marx Halle

Instructor:Luisa Plasczymonka
Topics:Theory and practical skills for basic bike repairs on the road
Maximum number of participants: max. 5-10
Level: Basic
Cost: 8 Euro

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FASTHER Fixes on the Road: basic bike maintenance
What? In small groups of 5-8 participants, the most important parts of road side mechanics will be explained and can be directly tried out and practiced. This workshop is aimed at all women who feel unsure when they experience mechanical failures while out riding. The focus of the practical part is on properly learning and practicing how to change a tire. Individual questions and problems can also be tackled.

Women only.

Images by: Bengt Stiller, Philipp Forstner, Mimi Kathrein