FASTHER ACADEMY Workshop Road bike technique

  • 22. October 2016 10:30
    23. October 2016 10:30
  • Marx Halle

Instructor: Brigitte Stocker
Topics: Road bike technique introduction, riding technique parcours
Maximum number of participants: max. 15
Level: intermediate
Cost: 15 Euro

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You want to shred through the corners with more speed, jump effortlessly over obstacles and master hairy situations with coolness?
You already have some experience handling your racing bike, but you want to improve your skills, so that you can ride safer and faster? Then come to the FASTHER Roadbike Workshop and train the most important bike handling skills with Elite Road Cyclist Brigitte Stocker: get better at cornering, proper braking, the track stand and the bunny hop.

Women only.

Images by: Stefan Jeschke, Bengt Stiller, Mimi Kathrein