• 22. October 2016 11:00
  • Marx Halle - Cinema

TANDEM CROSSOVER EUROPE is a project building a network of cities in Europe to foster urban cycling. Ewa Gruszyk and Roland Kloss, two urban planners from Poland and Austria, cycled more than 7.000 km on a selfmade bamboo tandem through 15 European countries to give cyclists a voice.

In their campaign they use the tandem as an instrument and symbol for cooperation between city authorities and citizens to create cities for people. On the bamboo tandem they brought together many different stakeholders, over all 30 mayors were riding together with citizens.

They cross over borders to establish new ways of living and sustainable mobility patterns. They cross over mind barriers to show, that the bicycle is the ideal means of transport in the city.
They bring citizens and mayors, their perspectives and innovative ideas together on their tandem, to foster an exchange. Strong images are generated, which stimulate the public discussion about urban cycling.

The focus is set on Eastern European countries, as they have the fastest growing motorization rates in the world and very high accident rates. The car is a status symbol. The network Tandem Crossover should help cities to learn from each other and implement successful initiatives.